Generate Contracts in Under 10 minutes

Fill a simple form, download your contract, and sign it!
Never spend days waiting for your contracts again.

Step 1: Fill a Simple Form

In under 10 minutes, Nyaaya generates a full contract for you in a downloadable Word Document format, based on your responses to a simple form. Never spend days waiting for your contracts again.

Step 2: Download Your Contract

Fill a simple form, and download your contract instantly! Your contract will be downloaded as an editable Word Document that you can always modify if you need to, according to your requirements.

Step 3: Sign it!

Once you are happy with your contract, print it and send it for signatures!

That's itโ€” it's that simple.

Generate a Rental Agreement

Rental agreements are some of the most common contracts used in India. With Nyaaya, you can generate your Rental Agreement in an editable Word Doc format in under 10 minutes.

Generate a Will, and more...

We have your contract needs covered. Come back here to generate a Will, Master Service Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, and much more.

View Future Log for all upcoming features.

Coming soon in March 2021

๐Ÿค‘ No More Lawyer Fees

Nyaaya generates an end-to-end contract in an editable Word Doc format. This means you can download, edit, and sign agreements without the need for a lawyer.

โฑ Instant Contracts

Nyaaya generates your contract instantly. Your document will be waiting for you at the end of the form. Never spend days waiting for your contracts again!

๐Ÿ”’ Safe and Secure

Your information is safe, and your data is secure. We will not sell your information. Use the tool without any worries about privacy or data misuse.

Welcome to Law 2.0

The Future of Legal Practice, Work, Education, and Aid

The legal profession is ripe for disruption, as evidenced by multiple advancements in the field of legal tech in the last 2 years alone. Law as a discipline resists evolution or quick changes, and with the kind of overnight paradigm-shifts that are possible with the current pace of advancements, few lawyers and law firms are prepared for Law 2.0.

Nyaaya is a no-code platform that automates contract generation with answers from a simple form. It was built over a weekend as a project for On Deckโ€™s Global Build Weekend.

Future Log

๐Ÿš€ Launched:
Rental Agreement contract automation

โคต๏ธ Pipeline:
More contracts, contracts in Indian languages, video explanations

Learning for Lawyers and Law Students:

Process, workflow, and contract automation are essential skills for today's lawyers and law students.

Here is a list of tools you can get started with:

Collaboration Tools:
Notion, Airtable

Automation Tools:
Bryter, Documate, Microsoft PowerApps